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West seattle


Locöl began with a shared dream. That dream was to create a space for artists, writers, or anyone who preferred conversation, friendly smiles and a warm relaxed atmosphere over screens and noise.

Kyle Duce and a group of fellow dreamers worked to incorporate the best ideas everyone had. Warm woods, candlelight, local beers and wines from the best makers in the area, and everything from the bar top to the menu items the result of craftsmanship. 

Within a week of opening, Locöl was a hit. Not just for people who walked up, but across the city and soon around the region. The small no hood kitchen was able to produce gourmet level small plates that

rivaled high end restaurants but at a price that made people go from one favorite to another. A West Seattle treasure was born. 

Today, Locöl remains both admired and successful but never imitated. It’s because it’s about warmth. The people, the room, the food, pretty much everything but the beer.

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